How to Perform iPhone 8 Plus Repairs Yourself

If your iPhone 8 Plus is getting spoilt by cracking or other cosmetic damage, then you should consider iPhone 8 Plus repair. The first thing that you need to do is to insert a fresh cartridge into your iPhone. This will restore your original cart with all the working parts intact. The process works for all models of iPhone and is easy to carry out. The following steps are how to perform iPhone 8 Plus repair on your own.

Apply a piece of white packing tape along the entire back glass screen on your iPhone. Use the small Pentalobe key to safely remove both the bottom and the top screws securing the base. With your screwdrivers, carefully remove all the remaining screws securing the glass screen in its present location. Carefully lift the glass screen away, detach the flex cables attached to the motherboard and remove the whole unit from the iPhone.

Now attach the two wires to the headphone jack and power sources. Hold the iPhone firmly by one of its edges, plug in the USB cable to connect the external monitor as well as charge port. Lastly, secure the iPhone in its protective sleeve. These iPhone 8 plus repairs are quite easy and with a little care you can have back your flawless iPhone unit in a matter of hours!

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